Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Banana, Peanut Butter & Gluten-Free Granola Bowl

Welcome to the newly redesigned blog! What do you think? And let's not forget the new logo, which my fabulous cousin designed. I really couldn't be happier with how everything turned out, and it definitely feels more "me" than the previous design. I'm still trying to work out the kinks of the "Recipe Index" tab, so please sit tight and be patient. In the mean time if you're looking for a specific recipe you can always use the search box on the right side of the blog. Oh, and I also had business cards made, so now I'll just have to find people to give them to besides my boyfriend and roommates!

Alright, let's get to today's recipe. Are you starting to see a pattern here? With ingredients? If you haven't noticed, I have certain favorite ingredients and tend to incorporate them into multiple recipes. Variety is important to me, because I tend to find something I love, eat it for a few weeks straight, get sick of it, and move onto something else. So why not just use the same ingredients in slightly different recipes?

 If you haven't guessed, I love peanut butter and I love bananas. A few weeks ago I shared my Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie recipe with you, and now I'm back with an equally delicious and easy recipe that's perfect for breakfast or a snack. So if you don't have time to make a smoothie, or you're just not in the mood for one, throw together this banana, peanut butter, and gluten-free granola bowl and call it a day. Or a meal. Call it a meal.

Banana, Peanut Butter & Gluten-Free Granola Bowl

Serves 1


1 banana, sliced
1/4 cup gluten-free granola (I tend to use Purely Elizabeth's or Udi's gluten-free and soy-free granola)
1 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Mix everything together in a bowl and enjoy!

As a side note, I'd love to hear if there are any recipes you'd like to see posted here, or perhaps recipes using certain ingredients. A friend asked if I had any good tofu recipes, and I really don't make tofu, but I figure I'll give it a shot one of these days. Suggestions/requests are strongly encouraged. You can always leave a note in the comments section or drop me an email at gfreeforall@gmail.com.


  1. yum I had purely elizabeth's this morning!

  2. You know how I feel about eggplant... would love an eggplant recipe! Oh and also, Do you like Shrimp?